Saturday, 29 June 2013

Duplicating Key with keyme

keyme introduced a process of storing your key in cloud and allow you to download it on demand. This will allow you to download it in 30 seconds.

Here creating an account is free and to download your key you need to pay around $20. For the basic
As this deals with keys the security is expected to be high. For this they store less information about key as possible. If you want to access keyme you must pass the verification. Fingerprint login and Email notifications make it more safer.

"We have all faced the immense inconvenience and unnecessary cost of getting locked out -- our KeyMe kiosks provide the ultimate solution to this problem," said Greg Marsh, CEO of KeyMe. "KeyMe acts as your digital key chain, making sure you can always get into your home or office."

Let's see how this can affect the security of People.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Indian Super Computers listing top 100 in world
Graphite for Teachers

Are you teacher? Wanted Innovative way to approach your students.
Then I think you should Visit Graphite

Common sense media Introduced this. In this you can search apps, games and websites to help you present your students. All the ratings are available with tools. When i said students, I mean elementary and middle school students. These tools may help them understand concepts with better observation.

These tools can be exactly searched by filters. Review for each tool is given by the teachers and are based on several learning dimensions to pick exact tool needed. This also include demonstration of best way to use the tool.

"There are no limits to what a great educator can achieve when they have the right tools. Graphite, a free service from Common Sense Media, helps teachers find, understand, and share the best digital learning products available." #copied from

Classroom teaching should be more digitized for better understanding, let's see how much this can contribute for that purpose.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Project Loon

Heard of it? It is project taken by google to provide internet to every part of world. I don't actually know where this loon word came from. I guess Its from balloon(Bal'loon'). yes, they are trying to do it with the help of balloons.

Confused with this new "balloon powered internet?" You heard it right. Google is trying to send balloons to float in stratosphere which are carried by wind. When they want to change the direction of balloon, they change the altitude of balloon make it move in specific direction. People can connect to internet signal from balloon through antenna attached to house. Signal gets transferred from balloon to balloon, then to the global internet back on earth.

So they actually revolve around earth at a height of 20km and supply internet to the loon antennas. It can't be accessed by everyone without these loon antenna. But it is said that the internet looks pretty fast. 

According to Project Lead Mike Cassidy   "It’s very early days, but we’ve built a system that uses balloons, carried by the wind at altitudes twice as high as commercial planes, to beam Internet access to the ground at speeds similar to today’s 3G networks or faster." 

This project may or may not reach to every part of the world. But the basic Idea of providing speed internet for every part of the world looks pretty interesting to me. Lets see how much revolution it can bring to the way we use the internet. All the best to Google.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Digital filter practical usage

Once filter design was mostly done by the analog filters. Even after the introduction of digital filters the design was not preferred due to the number of stages involved in the design. The need for memory to store the data(filter coefficients should be stored in digital filter design) made the design more costly.
So the design was only used where the cost was not a problem.

Later the digital filters made practical designs possible which are impractical and impossible by analog filters.
Example: Audio Frequency Range.

At this range the practical filter design was thought to be impossible, but with the advent of digital filter it is shown to be possible.

This gave reason for people to use digital filter. As the cost was still a concern the usage was still limited to only some design.

VLSI Development

As the VLSI developed, the cost of chips and power consumed, decreased drastically. This helped the development  of digital filter design and helped it to reach common people through the household instruments.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Filter

Main advantages are as below
                 Reliability and Repeatability.
                 Component Drift.
                 Tuning Drift.
                 Precision Component.
           Programmability :
The main advantage of Digital filter lies with it's easy programmability  using software. Design process involves certain techniques through which filter coefficients are designed. With the designed Filter coefficients, the frequency response in magnitude and phase can be seen. Techniques to design these filter coefficients will be discussed further.
Corresponding Analog filter cannot be represented in software(see Practical usage).

        Reliability and Repeatability :
Digital filter is more reliable than analog filters by the same reason. In analog the component drift and tuning drift may be possible.Component precision can also influence the analog filter. These Problems are not there with the digital filter making it more reliable and repeatable than the analog filter.

Digital Filters make practical designs possible which are impractical and impossible
 by analog filters. 
Ex: Audio Frequency range
At this range the filter design was thought to be impossible as the tuning drift and also the component drift has a very sound effect. But with the digital filter, which don't have these problems, the design is shown to be possible. 

Main disadvantages of digital filter are

The number of stages involved in the digital filter design. 
High Power consumption in the filter because of the stages involved.
Cost involved with the hardware design.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Overview of Digital Filter Design and Design Stages:

Digital Filter is designed in discrete time signal to reduce or enhance certain aspects of signal.
(i.e. for example to remove some harmonics in a signal.)
This can be done with Analog filter too. But the reason why people prefer digital filter is its reliability over Analog signal. Analog Signal need not behave same with the variations in temperature, frequency and other conditions. But the digital filter don't have Such problems as the digital filter coefficients will be programmed or the values will be stored in it, this makes the filter output depend only on the values stored or programmed. So the reliability and repeatability of Digital filter makes it more advantageous than the Analog filter design.

Basic Digital design stages or the components used in Digital Filter are

             -->Analog to Digital Converter (To convert analog input to digital).
             -->Microprocessor (To Store the data).
             -->Digital to analog Converter (To Get the final Continues Signal Output).

Main Disadvantage of this filter is the cost involved with design, due to the number of stages involved and also due to the need of memory elements to store data. These are the main reasons why the digital filters were not preferred once.

Next Comes:
The briefing on "Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital filter."

Enjoy. Thank you. :D

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Time Invariant Systems: (Better explained with practical examples. Read more... )

Monday, 10 June 2013

Worlds fastest super computer released by china Tianhe - 2
                           China's latest supercomputer Tianhe-2 measured a speed of 30.65 petaflops using  Kylin Linux operating system.(Read more...)
Apple announcing 50 billion downloads:     
Apple announcing a total of 50 billion total downloads from the Apple App Store. There are now 900,000 iOS applications available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with 375,000 designed specifically for iPad. Apple also announced there were 575 million paid customer accounts, from those who could buy those apps.
Again the company made the point today that the app ecosystem is a financial boon to its developer community, too, saying that it has now paid out over $10 billion to third-party app developers. Apple paid developers $2.5 billion in 2011 and $1.5 billion in 2010, to give you an idea of the growth in years past.